Reader Reviews

A selection of reviews from our beta-readers:

Alienated in a wonderful book!  I hope that it gets created into a movie or animation.”  Havannah, aged 11

Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid!”  Ezra, aged 10

Exciting!  Makes you want to read on.” Olly, aged 10

Unusual, exciting, and fun!” Shravani, aged 9.

Alienated is good for 10 and over because it’s funny and exciting and you don’t know what’s coming next.” Jotha, aged 10

It was very similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid in that there was a bully and someone being bullied, a theme which is popular with pre-teenage kids.  It was humourous and full of spectacular events and cliff hangers.  I enjoyed finding out how Sherman unravelled his ways out of problems.  Altogether, I was gripped by the adventure.”  Jad, aged 10

I enjoyed reading it because it is something different and it is a clever idea and is very interesting and I’m looking forward to reading the next 4 chapters.  It is an engaging story with loads of interesting parts and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.”  Cameron, aged 10

The story is set in Area 51 in America at a school for aliens from all over the galaxy.  Sherman, the main character in the story, and his sister Jessica are the only humans in the school.  Sherman nearly started world war 3 and also falls in love with Karin who was a beautiful deity.

Sherman and his friends discovered an alien plot to take the core out of the centre of the Earth which will destroy the Earth.  Sherman and his friends tried to stop them.  To do this, he needs to win the rocket race to impress Karin so she will com to prom with him.

I think this book is unusual, exciting and fun.  Anyone who likes a mystery should read Alienated.”   Shavani, aged 9


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