World Book Day

Here at, we’re big fans of world book day.  Since ALIENATED isn’t yet available in bookshops, we thought we’d help celebrate by sharing Chapter 4 to you, our beta readers.

Chapter 4 is where Sherman first meets the mysterious, glowing entity he comes to know as Karin.  Of course, he develops a massive crush on her, and once NED threatens to destroy the Earth by sucking all of the magma from its core, it’s Karin that Sherman turns to in a desperate, and ill-fated, plan to use her as the planet’s bodyguard.

N.B. NOW THAT WORLD BOOK DAY IS OVER, WE’VE REMOVED THE CHAPTER FROM THE SITE.  To read more of Alienated, become a beta-reader.  Email Sherman at shermancapote at yahoo dot com to join the beta-reading revolution!


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