Did Eisenhower meet with aliens?

This weeks it’s been reported that 1950’s President Eisenhower met with aliens at least three times in 1954 according to former government consultant Timothy Good.

Huffington Post Video

“Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life,” Good commented on Frank Skinner’s BBC2 program, “Opinionated.”

Apparently, in one report, Eisenhower met with aliens described as “nordic looking,” which would certainly explain the rise of both flat-pack furniture and Lego, two “scandinavian” inventions that surely could only come from a higher, alien intelligence.

Of course, we here at Alienatedbooks.com know the truth.  A total of 37 different species of extra terrestrials have, in fact, visited Earth, with representatives from each world living on the secret base at Groom Lake, Nevada and working alongside our Earthly governments at the Bureau for Alien Affairs.

And of course, by Nevada state law, the children of these aliens must attend school until they are eighteen, which explains Groom Lake High School.

None of this would have been known until we received secret, classified copies of the diary and memories of Sherman Capote.

We’re busy collating and editing his words into a new book which will reveal the shocking (and surprisingly funny) truth about aliens on Earth and once and for all shine a much needed light into the darkness of conspiracy theories.


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