Would Aliens Look Like Us?

Here at ALIENATED towers, we spend a lot of time thinking about, dreaming up, and generally musing on what aliens might look like.

As you’ve seen if you’ve been following the site and reading the beta-chapters, we’ve landed on a few outlandish alien designs:  a 20 tentacled cephalopod, a pink lizard with 3 tongues, and a fully digitised organism living in a robotic suit (or, Octo, Sonya, and Robbie to you).

We were glad that we’re not the only ones, however, asking the big question.

As the website sci-tech today reports, Richard Dawkins and acclaimed physicist Lawrence Krauss debated this exact issue, in the context of scientific experiments to create evolution, in a packed forum at Arizona State University recently.

Would alien life forms evolve differently to us under different conditions?  Would life on Earth have evolved differently if the underlying conditions (e.g. climate) were different?



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