Alien Invasion…at the Cinema

As you probably already know, we’re interested in all things alien here at, and so it’s with great interest that we’re tracking the coming alien  invasion of summer 2012.

This year, we count at least five (have we missed any?) major blockbusters en route to invade our cinemas and culture.

Yesterday’s Superbowl showcased the new Disney film, John Carter (of Mars) from Disney, directed by Pixar wizard Andrew Stanton.  John Carter, as described by the Huffington Post, looks like a mash-up of Star Wars and Avatar, and is based (loosely) on the Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Of course, Will Smith is back in a time-bending instalment of Men In Black, sent back to the 1960’s to fight an alien invasion alongside Tommy Lee Jone’s younger instalment, played by Josh Brollin.

The summer’s big superhero mash-up, The Avengers, features villainous aliens bent on world domination (or enslavement of the human race, or perhaps simply queuing up for an iPad 3).

The U.S. navy goes to war against some form of ocean-dwelling sleeper cell of alien invaders in Battleship (yep, based on the family road trip favourite board game of the same name).

And taking us back to the days of face-sucking aliens is Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, a quasi prequel to the Alien saga.


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