Developing the Look

While we’re busy editing Sherman’s story, we’re also developing the look for Alienated.

We’ve got a new logo:

What do you think?

It’s inspired by Groom Lake High School’s crest:

We’ve also managed, thanks to the help of some expert artists with background in police sketching, to take Sherman’s description of his friends and illustrate them.

Here’s a look at Sherman’s pal Octo:

You can see he’s got three mouths, beaks actually, and twenty, count ’em, twenty tentacles.  Often called an octopus, Octo is actually a ventitent from an all water planet.  But, since he’s allergic to H20, his parents, Hank and Urtha, brought him to Earth to be raised as a landlubber.

Stay tuned for more visual development, including a fantastic new poster!

Also, be sure to like our Facebook page for updates and fun stuff.


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