ALIENATED declassified

After over a year in development, ALIENATED, the memoirs of Sherman Capote, the only human boy in the high school at Area 51, finally gets declassified thanks to Awesome Media & Entertainment Ltd.

On these pages, we’ll be brining you news, reviews, contests, games, and more.

But first, we’re making the first three chapters of ALIENATED available to read, absolutely free.  Download them here.

The full book won’t be available until next year, but until then, we’ll be creating websites, blogs, and contests to let you experience the world of alienated.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader, or if you’re teacher interested in using ALIENATED as a reading resource, email Sherman at:  shermancapote (all one word) at yahoo dot com.


One response to “ALIENATED declassified

  1. Great! thanks for the share!

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