ALIENATED: GROUNDED AT GROOM LAKE is the completely classified, and totally true, autobiography of Sherman Capote, the only human boy in the high school for aliens at Area 51.


ALIENANTED publishes in late 2018 in paperback, but you can get a sneak peek on wattpad!

The book is out now in Germany from RandomHouse, with more languages soon to be announced.


ALIENATED is a comedy-adventure set in the most hostile place in the universe: high school.

Sherman’s top secret story was leaked by a source in the U.S. Air Force base at Groom Lake, Nevada, to author Jeff Norton.  Risking everything, Jeff has shaped Sherman’s story into this brand-new book!

The book reveals the shocking secrets long suspected but never confirmed: aliens are among us…and by Nevada state law, they too are required to go to high school until they’re eighteen.

Their school at Area 51 is Groom Lake High School:

Groom Lake crest

Jeff  workshopped the book with over 100 beta-readers, sharing the manuscript in draft form and asking for feedback along the way.  These adventures with beta-readers and iterative creative development were even covered by The Bookseller.


Spectacular…I was gripped by the adventure!” Jad, aged 10

“Unusual, exciting, and fun!”  Shravani, aged 9

Exciting!  Makes you want to read on.” Olly, aged 10

Our beta reading program is now closed.  Thank you to the over 100 beta-readers who have helped us shape this incredible story.  It’s been an awesome creative journey and we are now in the final stages of copy-editing the book.

If you want to know more, like us on facebook or follow @thejeffnorton to stay up to date with this Awesome project.


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